Another Thin Man

Don't you ever pay any attention
to your messages?

Well, how are you?
How is the famous detective?

Quit, has he?
I should have thought...
with all the publicity he got
over the last two cases.

I see.
Listen, young lady,
I've sent my car in for you.

The weekend? I don't think...
We just got off a train.
And there's the baby, you know.
I'm afraid...
It's a trap.
He just wants to get me there
to go over that yearly statement.

It isn't about business, is it, Col. MacFay?
I told you.
Can't it wait till you come to town?
No, I'm not coming to town.
I'm just staying close to the house
for a while.

You've got to come to me this time.
Well, that's not much to ask.
Very well, we'll come.
After all, we've never been down there.
It'll be nice in the country.

A quiet weekend.
Good air for the baby.
I think they have a pool.
I'll see a lot of that pool.
I'll be up to my ears...
in financial statements,
business, forecasts.

You have to do it sometime.
He can't do anything without you.

Mommy, you shouldn't try to figure out
a highly technical problem like that.

You'll strain yourself.
You see?
Seems like man's work is never done.
Come in.
Beg your pardon, ma'am.
- I'm Col. MacFay's chauffeur.
- Yes.

I thought I might help with your luggage.
As you wish.
Come in.
- I'm from Miss Sherwood's Agency.
- Yes. Miss...