Another Thin Man

After all, we've never been down there.
It'll be nice in the country.

A quiet weekend.
Good air for the baby.
I think they have a pool.
I'll see a lot of that pool.
I'll be up to my ears...
in financial statements,
business, forecasts.

You have to do it sometime.
He can't do anything without you.

Mommy, you shouldn't try to figure out
a highly technical problem like that.

You'll strain yourself.
You see?
Seems like man's work is never done.
Come in.
Beg your pardon, ma'am.
- I'm Col. MacFay's chauffeur.
- Yes.

I thought I might help with your luggage.
As you wish.
Come in.
- I'm from Miss Sherwood's Agency.
- Yes. Miss...

Dorothy Waters. These are my references.
Miss Sherwood spoke to you about salary?
Yes, Mrs. Charles.
If you'll excuse me
for saying so, Mrs. Charles...

it takes nearly two hours
to get out to Col. MacFay's.

It does?
It's getting rather late. We ought to hurry.
Yes. We have to go to Long Island,
so I'll phone the Agency later.

- No, indeed.
- The baby's awake now, Mrs. Charles.

I don't wonder...
Oh, dear.
Come in.
Are you the party
that wanted the passkey?

Party? I'm more like a riot.
- The bedroom, the connecting door.
- Sorry, ma'am. We'll have to hurry.

- Shall I take the baby?
- Or shall I?

Boy, this is going to be a cinch.