Another Thin Man

She wouldn't be a bad looker
if she took her specs off.

- I'll speak to her.
- Don't get her hopes up.

- Nickie in there?
- No, I'm keeping him in here tonight.

- In here?
- Yes, I wanted to be sure he was safe.

- Where is he?
- In the bureau drawer.

In the bureau?
Well, that's fair enough.
He loves it, he went right to sleep.
I hope it doesn't get to be a habit.
It'll be a little inconvenient
when he grows up.

Hey, you didn't put my things
underneath there?

No, they're in that chest.
I may be a little prejudiced,
but I think he's all right.

Asta, just a minute.
There you are.
My, it's stuffy in here.
Open the windows, Dum-Dum.

- What time is it?
- Five minutes to 11:00.

You've got to go right away, don't you?
I've got a few minutes.
I hate these schemes
where all the pieces have to fit together.

- Too many things can go wrong.
- We can't miss.

I wish you'd dream up some way
to get that Nick Charles out of there.

I don't trust him.
He looks like a guy with insomnia to me.

I don't like him around,
but I don't see how he can gum our game.

It was airtight without him,
it'll be airtight with him.

Don't let this goog bother you.
Plenty of winners have had them.

Hello, Smitty.
- Busy?
- No.

No, never too busy to see a friend.
Come on in.

- What do you know?
- Nothing much.

- Why, hello, Church.
- Hiya, Diamond Back.

- Come on in, sit down.
- I only got a minute.

A guy came in from up the river
this morning...