At the Circus

That's all, Gibraltar.
You keep on eating between meals,
you'll ruin your figure.

And if you keep on fooling around
that gorilla...

he'll ruin your figure.
He's a snob. Come on.
Jeff, even though Gibraltar likes you...
I wish you wouldn't
take so many chances with him.

Julie, if that would make you
worry about me...

I'd move right into the cage.
It might seem a little cramped
after that house of yours in Newport.

Newport? Where have I heard that before?
I remember.
That's something in my dim, dark past.

- Are you sure it's past?
- Positive.

You like running a circus, don't you?
I like everything about it. But everything.
That's what you say now...
but the smell of sawdust
can get awfully monotonous after a while.

Young lady, that's no way
to talk to your boss.

Now the Wilson Wonder Circus presents
a sensationally new modern feature:

That outstanding star,
that exciting personality...

Miss Julie Randall!
There's my cue.
Point killer.
Step up and take a bow
Don't be modest, don't be shy
Show that thoroughbred look in your eye