At the Circus

I'd move right into the cage.
It might seem a little cramped
after that house of yours in Newport.

Newport? Where have I heard that before?
I remember.
That's something in my dim, dark past.

- Are you sure it's past?
- Positive.

You like running a circus, don't you?
I like everything about it. But everything.
That's what you say now...
but the smell of sawdust
can get awfully monotonous after a while.

Young lady, that's no way
to talk to your boss.

Now the Wilson Wonder Circus presents
a sensationally new modern feature:

That outstanding star,
that exciting personality...

Miss Julie Randall!
There's my cue.
Point killer.
Step up and take a bow
Don't be modest, don't be shy
Show that thoroughbred look in your eye
Step up with grace and pride
Take that oompah, oompah, oompah
In your stride
Each heart begins to beat in rhyme
Oompah-pah, oomph in three-quarter time
Maidens swoon and ladies pine
Wonderful, isn't she?
She's all right.
But whoever heard
of anyone singing with a horse act?

The audience likes it.
Be gallant
Take a bow
At this time,
presenting that muscular marvel...

the strongest man in the world:
Goliath the mighty!