Dark Victory

Hello there, is this the house?
I've been trying to get you.

Michael, do you realize
it's 5:30 in the morning?

- Who is it, Agatha?
- That Michael.

We had a party last night and the last
guest hasn't driven out of the driveway.

Take it. Take it.
Hello? Kitchen.
- Lucy speaking. Yes, Miss Ann.
- Yes, I know. I know.

What's that racket? The telephone's
been ringing all over the house.

I'll talk to him.
Michael, what do you mean
at this unholy hour of the morning?

Well, good morning, Miss Ann.
Cheerful morning, isn't it? I was
wondering if I might talk to Miss Judith.

No, you certainly might not.
She hasn't had two hours' sleep yet.

l wouldn't disturb her for the world.
This is Miss Judith Traherne
of the sleepy Trahernes.

Is it, now? Well, this is Mr. Michael
O'Leary of the wide-awake O'Learys.

You have a cash customer for the colt.
We can get 1 0,000 if you're quick.