Dark Victory

Take it. Take it.
Hello? Kitchen.
- Lucy speaking. Yes, Miss Ann.
- Yes, I know. I know.

What's that racket? The telephone's
been ringing all over the house.

I'll talk to him.
Michael, what do you mean
at this unholy hour of the morning?

Well, good morning, Miss Ann.
Cheerful morning, isn't it? I was
wondering if I might talk to Miss Judith.

No, you certainly might not.
She hasn't had two hours' sleep yet.

l wouldn't disturb her for the world.
This is Miss Judith Traherne
of the sleepy Trahernes.

Is it, now? Well, this is Mr. Michael
O'Leary of the wide-awake O'Learys.

You have a cash customer for the colt.
We can get 1 0,000 if you're quick.

lf you mean Challenger,
not 1 0 and not 20.

My head's just woozy, not vacant.
lf you don't mind my saying so,
Miss Judith...

...it's better if you take charge
of the ribbons...

...and leave the handling
of the horses to me.

I do mind your saying so. I gave you
your orders last night, Michael.

I ought to slap that man's face.
He's impertinent sometimes,
but what can we do?

He's about the best trainer
money can buy.

- I suppose he is. What time is it?
- About 5:30.

Good morning, Martha.
Hello, Daffy, come on.

- We're going to the stable, Martha.
- Are we?

Couldn't you go back to bed
and get a little sleep?

- Will you get us some coffee, Martha?
- Yes, miss.

...here we go. Come.
- You asleep?
- It's a nice world if we can stay in it.

- What do you mean?
- Better let me drive.

- No!
- Give me that.

I will not.