Goodbye, Mr. Chips

- Are you all right?
- Yes, quite. Thanks.

- The mist's a nuisance, isn't it?
- You're not in danger?

Do you mind?
- No, of course not, but...
- You shouldn't move about. It's foolish.

Foolish? But I heard you call.
I thought you needed help.

- Don't say you climbed up to rescue me!
- As a matter of fact, I did.

Really, I should be very angry.
Supposing you'd fallen.

- I must say...
- I never head of such utter stupidity!

- Where were you?
- On the Gamsteig.

You climbed in that mist
to rescue me...

...when I'm a better climber
than you are.

- Well, what were you screaming about?
- I wasn't. I just let out a shout at random.

So that was why.
When I think that road might have been
paved with your good intentions.

Really, it was idiotic of you.
- And rather wonderful.
- Not at all.

Well, anyway, I'm glad you came.
It was going to be very lonely.

Won't you sit down?
This is quite comfortable,
as rocks go.

Thank you.
My name is Chipping.
Mine's Ellis. Katherine Ellis.
Won't you have a sandwich?
I've got loads here.

This one is...
- Thank you.

I ate mine early. I am rather hungry.
I'm sorry I wasn't in any danger.
It was rather
inconsiderate of you.

What are you doing alone
on the mountain?

Isn't it unusual for a young lady?
I'm not usually alone.
I have a friend at the inn.

- So have I. We're on a walking tour.
- Really? We're bicycling.

Bicycling? Through Austria?