Son of Frankenstein

BOY #1: Ain't you afraid?
BOY #2: Of old Ygor? No.

[Boy exclaiming]
[Ominous instrumental music]
LANG: I say that I, for one, will not.

He'll be met exactly as arranged.
Now, friends, on his deathbed...
the old Baron Frankenstein
gave me this chest of papers...

to deliver to his son, and deliver it I shall.
Haven't we had enough of that name here?
There was a time when our village
was prosperous and happy. Look at it now.

Forsaken, desolate,
shunned by every traveller, and why?

Because of these Frankensteins.
We live in the black shadow
of that cursed place up on the hill...

where only that crazy Ygor,
with his broken neck, dares to stay.

And now we go to the railway station
to welcome another Frankenstein.

This one is probably
just as bad as his father...

who created a monster
in the devil's own image.

It's in the blood, I tell you.
We've said these same words
a thousand times, and they get us nowhere.

LANG: Fine talk, Herr Inspector.
But Baron Frankenstein
does arrive tonight to claim his heritage.

LANG: And then what?
BURGHER #1: Yes, what then?

That's true, but he'll find no friends here.
Nothing but locked doors
and darkened windows...

Iocked hearts and bitter hatred.
Let that, too, be a part
of the Frankenstein heritage.

Come, gentlemen.
We'll be there soon, darling.
That's good. So I can see Amelia.
That's right. Amelia will be there
waiting for you, and so glad to see you.