Son of Frankenstein

This one is probably
just as bad as his father...

who created a monster
in the devil's own image.

It's in the blood, I tell you.
We've said these same words
a thousand times, and they get us nowhere.

LANG: Fine talk, Herr Inspector.
But Baron Frankenstein
does arrive tonight to claim his heritage.

LANG: And then what?
BURGHER #1: Yes, what then?

That's true, but he'll find no friends here.
Nothing but locked doors
and darkened windows...

Iocked hearts and bitter hatred.
Let that, too, be a part
of the Frankenstein heritage.

Come, gentlemen.
We'll be there soon, darling.
That's good. So I can see Amelia.
That's right. Amelia will be there
waiting for you, and so glad to see you.

ELSA: What strange-looking country.
Not much like America, is it?
On my first trip to Europe,
I was prepared for anything...

but I'm glad
we went to London and Paris first.

BARON: We must be getting close
to the village now.

It's exciting, isn't it?
Out there in the darkness,
a new life lies before us.

No more college classrooms
or faculty meetings.

- I feel rather like an explorer.
- That's what it is.

We're going to explore
something so foreign to us...

we can't even imagine what it'll be like.
A medieval castle.
I wonder if there's a moat.

And a drawbridge,
and a great tall, dark tower.

And battlements.
Perhaps there's a haunted room.

Yes, there's sure to be a haunted room.
The castle itself is supposed to be haunted.

- Because of...
- Yes.

Because of the things my father did there.