Son of Frankenstein

[Villager yelling]
[People chattering]
[Pounding on door]
- Good evening, Inspector.
- Good evening.

- The Baron is in, I know.
- Yes, but...

A policeman.
KROGH: Herr Baron Frankenstein?

I am Inspector Krogh of the district police.
BARON: I am glad to see you, Inspector.
Benson, take the Inspector's cape.

Yes, sir.
- Won't you come in?
- Thank you.

BARON: Come over and dry out by the fire.
KROGH: Thank you.

BARON: I've been studying some old papers
of my father's.

- Care for a brandy?
- Thank you, no.

I have come here, Herr Baron,
to assure you of protection.

- Protection? From whom?
- From a virulent and fatal poison.

Am I to be poisoned, then?
You are poisoned already by your name.
To the best of my knowledge, it has served
my family faithfully for over 700 years.

You recommend that I change it to,
say, Smith?

I'm afraid that wouldn't help.
You might change your name, but you can't
erase the brand. That's indelible.

As long as you continue to live
in this place, you're in danger.

You're speaking in riddles, Herr Inspector.
Danger from whom?