Son of Frankenstein

Yes, sir.
- Won't you come in?
- Thank you.

BARON: Come over and dry out by the fire.
KROGH: Thank you.

BARON: I've been studying some old papers
of my father's.

- Care for a brandy?
- Thank you, no.

I have come here, Herr Baron,
to assure you of protection.

- Protection? From whom?
- From a virulent and fatal poison.

Am I to be poisoned, then?
You are poisoned already by your name.
To the best of my knowledge, it has served
my family faithfully for over 700 years.

You recommend that I change it to,
say, Smith?

I'm afraid that wouldn't help.
You might change your name, but you can't
erase the brand. That's indelible.

As long as you continue to live
in this place, you're in danger.

You're speaking in riddles, Herr Inspector.
Danger from whom?

The Burgomaster
and his inhospitable villagers?

I think I can guarantee to control
their animosity, but not their fears.

What are they afraid of, ghosts?
I'm afraid I don't believe in them. Do you?
When they commit murder, yes.
- You're referring to the monster.
- Perhaps.

My dear Inspector,
he was destroyed years ago.

Can we stick to facts, Inspector?
That my father instilled life into a dead man
is perfectly true.

But I'm also convinced
that stories of this creature...

have been so greatly exaggerated
in the telling and the retelling...

that the simple folk of this neighbourhood
now believe him to have been...

the most fiendish monster
that ever walked this earth.

Do you honestly know of one criminal act
that this poor creature committed?