Son of Frankenstein

[Eerie instrumental music]
It's no good, Ygor.
I've done everything I can.

I'm afraid we'll never get him
out of this coma.

Come on, Benson.
Take off these electrodes.
I'm not going to work
at Castle Frankenstein any longer.

I've seen enough to make me suspicious.
I'm going to quit.

No, you're not.
You'll stay there and report to me
everything you see and hear.

I'll call there myself this afternoon.
You'll be well repaid.
Now go back
and don't tell anyone you've seen me.

- Understand?
- Yes, sir.

ELSA: I'd like very much to visit the village,
but I'm ashamed to say I don't dare.

I think you're very wise, madam.
There's a definite feeling of tension there...

and I'm sure you'll be much better off
not to risk the discourtesy of the villagers.

ELSA: Yes, that's what Wolf said.
I suspect the Baron, too,
finds time heavy on his hands here.

No, never.
He's almost constantly in his laboratory.

KROGH: Laboratory?
ELSA: Yes.

ELSA: He's fixed over his father's old one,
you know.

He's deep in some experiment.
I see. What sort of experiment?