Zangiku monogatari

Useless change.
When will it learn to do it well?

I am fed up with incompetent.
And goes for all.

Has been a disaster. Very badly all!
Small scene of fight...

Pathetic! What do you look at you?
To see if you learn already the position!

You leave out of the way!
What disaster! No longer I know what to do.
Why does not improve Kikunosuke?

Does not it know to do neither of Sanza.
Never will be a good actor!

- You should be more patient.
- Is true, Kikunosuke still is youth.

- ¿You will Not want that be to your height?
- I should require him the maximum so that...

It happen me as Kikugoro I SAW.
- ¿Yes?
- ¡That come!

- ¿Refers to?...
- ¡Kikunosuke!

Goro, they say that now that has born
Your son, you treat badly your adopted son.

It is not that equal be chirped, only that I believe
That you should know it and to keep in mind.

It wants to see him? Poor small. Sure that
It quarrels him, if him not a beating gives.