Zangiku monogatari

- Hello, Kikunosuke.
- ¿What have I seemed you today?

- Do Not I know.
- Dímelo.

- Your opinion interests Me a lot.
- You have been splendid.

- A great action.
- ¿Really?

- Yes.
- Thanks.

You want to come to Yanabibashi
With me?

I feel it, I should attend a banquet.
Another day, ¿in agreement?

- Clear. That take advantage of.
- Thanks.

You entertain you. Good-bye.
Good evening.
Good-bye, mister.
Do not you put in the scale your value and
Mine. I carry tattooed in the heart...

The courage of a lion. By very powerful
that be your sword nothing should to be able...

Against mine. The edge of your steel is not
nothing compared with the greatness of...

My value, and because of it, ¡do not you give me fear!
Here I expect you. They see to fight if...

what you seek is the death, because my
Sword already desires to cross your body.

- It Takes, by the inconveniences.
- Thanks. In this house is recognized...

- The good art. Thanks again.
- One must see how clumsy is the son.