Zangiku monogatari

Good evening.
Good-bye, mister.
Do not you put in the scale your value and
Mine. I carry tattooed in the heart...

The courage of a lion. By very powerful
that be your sword nothing should to be able...

Against mine. The edge of your steel is not
nothing compared with the greatness of...

My value, and because of it, ¡do not you give me fear!
Here I expect you. They see to fight if...

what you seek is the death, because my
Sword already desires to cross your body.

- It Takes, by the inconveniences.
- Thanks. In this house is recognized...

- The good art. Thanks again.
- One must see how clumsy is the son.

That youth is worth for nothing.
- More would be worth him to be withdrawn.
- The worse thing is that he does not know him.

All they flatter him for remaining well.
They are passed the day giving him the ears.

- Does Not it hear more than praises.
- That is true. That passes for carrying...

The name that carries. By badly actor that
Be, the people does not keep in mind itself it.

Only it imports its surname,
And that nobody can be denied him.

Yes, the reputation of its father supplies
Its lack of talent.

That saves him.
How? What is here?
I expect that us have not heard.