Zangiku monogatari

That youth is worth for nothing.
- More would be worth him to be withdrawn.
- The worse thing is that he does not know him.

All they flatter him for remaining well.
They are passed the day giving him the ears.

- Does Not it hear more than praises.
- That is true. That passes for carrying...

The name that carries. By badly actor that
Be, the people does not keep in mind itself it.

Only it imports its surname,
And that nobody can be denied him.

Yes, the reputation of its father supplies
Its lack of talent.

That saves him.
How? What is here?
I expect that us have not heard.
Hello master. Welcome.
You how around here?

Go surprise.
I expect that carry not a lot expecting.
Me would not forgive it.

And less after the great success that
It is harvesting in the theater.

All speak wonders of
Their interpretation.

- Thanks, ¿is Kozumi?
- Clear. It wants sake?

If it wants I am served him.
I understand, prefers that she do it.
- Tranquil, will leave immediately.
- Good evening.

Look at, was desiring to see him.
Why have you delayed so much?

I feel it, as soon as I have known that
It was here I have given me a lot of hurry.

Not the sufficient one.
Kikunosuke seems displeased.

It tries to remedy it. You treat him the best
Possible, ¿in agreement?