Zangiku monogatari

That woman is not worthy to be your wife.
You should think about us.

We cannot permit something so

But Otoku has given sense to
My life, is my inspiration.

- ¿It does not matter to you your family?
- Did Not you have motive to say good-bye.

You were unjust. She gave me forces
To continue with my career of actor.

- ¿Do Not you understand it?
- ¿You Know what comments the people?

They say "Kikunosuke has been bundled
With the nanny of the heir.

What shame for the family!
But the family Towa is good.

And in spite of the arrival of a son not itself
they get rid of their adopted son, although...

with its conduct gives them motives for
Repudiating him." That rumorean the neighbors.

- Thinks about what feels your father.
- Kikunosuke, an actor needs...

to its public and its reputation
Should be immaculate.

Do not you put in danger your name and
Your popularity by a whim.

Only you know to speak of popularity
And already I am full.

Myself I have not earned it neither I deserve it me.
Only I live of the glory of my father...

- And therefore I detest him.
- What you say is horrible.

It is all the same to me. I do not want to live on the fame
Of another. I want to be i.

- I want to gain me the success with my work.
- Without a good name is impossible.

I know that I can show my was worth.
- Disappears of my view. Long!
- Son, ¿give you account? You see?

You ask him excuses.