Zangiku monogatari

to its public and its reputation
Should be immaculate.

Do not you put in danger your name and
Your popularity by a whim.

Only you know to speak of popularity
And already I am full.

Myself I have not earned it neither I deserve it me.
Only I live of the glory of my father...

- And therefore I detest him.
- What you say is horrible.

It is all the same to me. I do not want to live on the fame
Of another. I want to be i.

- I want to gain me the success with my work.
- Without a good name is impossible.

I know that I can show my was worth.
- Disappears of my view. Long!
- Son, ¿give you account? You see?

You ask him excuses.
Father, I feel it,
It forgives if I have offended you.

Father, you forgive me.
- Father, you forgive me.
- ¡You See you!

- ¡Kikunosuke!
- ¡You Leave him!