Zangiku monogatari

- Lady.
- ¿Yes?

It can carry him this note
To that girl?

In agreement.
- If an answer gives him, bring it to me.
- It Understood.

They have counted me what happened. I believe that
Exceeded you speaking him thus your father.

- Matsu...
- Do Not I want to hear your excuses.

Say not anything and they see with me home.
It trusts in me. I will convince
To your father. They see with me.

Still you are to time. Sure
That your father will forgive you.

Neither dream it.
I do not think to return to my house.

In agreement, I understand.
Do not you know how much I feel it.

I have an idea, ¿why do not you come
To my house? Thus we will be able to speak.

Who knows, equal he occurs himself us something.
There you will be a lot better than here.