Zangiku monogatari

They have counted me what happened. I believe that
Exceeded you speaking him thus your father.

- Matsu...
- Do Not I want to hear your excuses.

Say not anything and they see with me home.
It trusts in me. I will convince
To your father. They see with me.

Still you are to time. Sure
That your father will forgive you.

Neither dream it.
I do not think to return to my house.

In agreement, I understand.
Do not you know how much I feel it.

I have an idea, ¿why do not you come
To my house? Thus we will be able to speak.

Who knows, equal he occurs himself us something.
There you will be a lot better than here.

Come, you encourage you.
It walks, they see with me.
I do not understand your obsession with going you,
But I yield me, you I will not stop.

Only I ask you that endeavor for
Manage to be a great actor.

The mister that I have said you will support you,
it is a great person, but do not abuse...

Of its amiability, you should endeavor you.
Your future depends only of you.

It seeks the force in your arms.
You understand?

Already is here the train.