Zangiku monogatari

Come, you encourage you.
It walks, they see with me.
I do not understand your obsession with going you,
But I yield me, you I will not stop.

Only I ask you that endeavor for
Manage to be a great actor.

The mister that I have said you will support you,
it is a great person, but do not abuse...

Of its amiability, you should endeavor you.
Your future depends only of you.

It seeks the force in your arms.
You understand?

Already is here the train.
Train with destiny Nagoya.
Train with destiny Nagoya.
- Kikunosuke, ¿what do you do?
- Hello.

Why this insanity comes?
I will accompany you to ask excuses
To your father.

- I feel It, already is late.
- You can Not renounce your family...

to your name and to your career
As if nothing.

It is useless, me I will not throw behind.
If you prefer it,
I will ask excuses in your name.

You do not bother. I will begin from zero.
I do not need anyone.

I know that I can show
Al world of what I am capable.

- How rare. Where is?
- ¿Searches to Otoku?