Broadway Melody of 1940

All right, Chinatown. Let's go to
Chinatown and the Bowery.

- Just leaving. A trip through Chinatown.
- Go away. Go away.

Here, here! Tonight's the night, folks.
Tonight's the night!

It's wedding night at Dawnland.
We're not only giving away the bride but
four rooms of furniture and $50 cash!

This way to the bridal night
at Dawnland.

Miss Martin, meet up with Mr. Jones.
Go on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my privilege to officiate...

:02:16 another one of Dawnland's
weekly happy events.

Through the courtesy
of the Dawnland Ballroom...

...many a young couple has embarked
successfully on the sea of matrimony.

- Johnny.
- Yes, sir?

There's a guy been here
looking for your partner.

- Where is he?
- He said he'd be back.

You better scrape up some dough,
or he'll take your pal's suit.

- Yeah?
- Better put on your number...

...before he shows up again,
or it might turn into a striptease.

Yes, sir.
- Now, look, King...
- Wait, Johnny. Let me speak.

I had a chance to get rid of a girl,
so I saw her off on the train.

Yeah? It was your turn
to call for the bride.

This is the third time
I've covered for you.