Broadway Melody of 1940

Miss Martin, meet up with Mr. Jones.
Go on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my privilege to officiate...

:02:16 another one of Dawnland's
weekly happy events.

Through the courtesy
of the Dawnland Ballroom...

...many a young couple has embarked
successfully on the sea of matrimony.

- Johnny.
- Yes, sir?

There's a guy been here
looking for your partner.

- Where is he?
- He said he'd be back.

You better scrape up some dough,
or he'll take your pal's suit.

- Yeah?
- Better put on your number...

...before he shows up again,
or it might turn into a striptease.

Yes, sir.
- Now, look, King...
- Wait, Johnny. Let me speak.

I had a chance to get rid of a girl,
so I saw her off on the train.

Yeah? It was your turn
to call for the bride.

This is the third time
I've covered for you.

Okay. I'm sorry.
I'll take the next three.

- Who do you love?
- You, you silly... Go on. What a guy.

And we came to New York
to get on Broadway.

- At least we're in the right town.
- Yeah, but who knows it except us?

Just a couple of taxi dancers, pushing
around a lot of female lonely-hearts...

:03:20 5 cents a dance.
And doing a specialty act...

...without pay. What a career.
- You don't feel like going on, do you?

Oh, sure. I can hardly wait.
If there's anything I enjoy,
it's doing a specialty for no dough.

And all those agents you keep telling
me about being in to see us.

I suppose they'll all be out there.
Agents love to come to a dump like this.

They expect to find so much.
All right,
suppose we don't go on tonight?

Yeah. You're getting more and more
discouraged all the time.

You're letting the act down,
and that's no good, King.

Say, listen, we may never get anywhere,
but if we don't think so...