Broadway Melody of 1940

I'll have him in Bert's office
tomorrow morning at 11:00.

Come on, Pearl, darling.
Let's take this home.

It's been so nice
having this little chat with you.

Yes. Well, come on,
my little chatterbox.

I think you get more people back here
than we get out front.

Oh, I'm sorry
you were interrupted, Bert.

Tell me something.
Why do you always propose...

...three days before
the close of a show?

I mean to do it
at the end of the run...

How much do you really
want to marry me?

More than anything in the world.
- I'd hate to give up my career.
- Yeah.

What are you talking about?
The new show's written.

You've got a contract with me.
You can't walk out on a contract!

Say, what are you doing, kidding me?
I'm just trying to prove
that the theater is your real love...

...and I guess the same thing
goes for me.

- Yeah. That means no, huh?
- Well, let's say it doesn't mean yes.

Keep the motor running. I may
have trouble getting my cape back.

Yes, sir.
You certainly have been nice to me,
Mr. Casey.

- Oh, well, I...
- I mean, about this cape.

- Oh, well...
- I hope you won't misunderstand.

- I mean, about my accepting it.
- Oh, no.

Well, I hope
you won't misunderstand either.

Oh, no! Why, I think people
can be platonic and still be friends.

- Good night, Mr. Casey.
- Just a minute!

Aren't you forgetting something?
Does Mr. Casey mean
his little night-night kiss?

That's just what I mean.

It's been a lovely evening, Mr. Casey.
Thanks for everything.

Oh, Mr. Casey!
I understand about the cape.
No hard feelings. Shake?

Oh, well, that's big of you, Pearl.