Broadway Melody of 1940

Keep the motor running. I may
have trouble getting my cape back.

Yes, sir.
You certainly have been nice to me,
Mr. Casey.

- Oh, well, I...
- I mean, about this cape.

- Oh, well...
- I hope you won't misunderstand.

- I mean, about my accepting it.
- Oh, no.

Well, I hope
you won't misunderstand either.

Oh, no! Why, I think people
can be platonic and still be friends.

- Good night, Mr. Casey.
- Just a minute!

Aren't you forgetting something?
Does Mr. Casey mean
his little night-night kiss?

That's just what I mean.

It's been a lovely evening, Mr. Casey.
Thanks for everything.

Oh, Mr. Casey!
I understand about the cape.
No hard feelings. Shake?

Oh, well, that's big of you, Pearl.
Oh, you knew the cutest little
Japanese banker.

Come on! Drive like the wind!
Come and get it!
Hey, King! Wake up!
Nice black coffee for that nice
black hangover.

Oh, Johnny. Johnny.
Don't, don't, Johnny.

Oh, I think I swallowed a cactus
last night.

Here, drown it with this.
Quit pushing, will you?
It's those little men again.

Here, I'll handle the cup, Johnny.
- Sure you got everything you need?
- Everything except my health.

Hey, where are you going?
Matthews and Casey have a new show.
I just thought I'd drop by.