Broadway Melody of 1940

Y'all sure been mighty sweet
to poor little lonesome Emmy Lou.

All alone up North,
not knowing nobody.

Why, it's a pleasure.
- Hi, Emmy Lou.
- Hello, honey.

I thought you didn't know anybody
up North.

Why, he's an old friend of mine
from the South, sugar.

Y'all know what it means down South
when a gentleman gives a lady a cape?

She gives it back again.
Lordy, no, sugar! It means
he's got to give her a ring.

Hello, honey. It sure is!
Why, I declare, sugar,
this place is full of Southerners.

- Southerners?
- Makes me feel so safe.

It's getting powerful warm here.
I mean, for the North.

I declare, you're the strangest man.
Just like I heard you was.

- Did you hear about me?
- Lordy, yes, sugar.

The cutest little Southern girl
told me all about you.

- She did, huh? Well...
- She sure enough did.

- Her name was Pearl Delange.
- Delange!

- She told you all about me?
- Every single thing.

Well, I guess it's getting powerful late
for poor little me to be out.

Now, don't you bother.
I can get home by myself.

I know, but what about the...?
Down South,
the gentleman pays the check.

No, not the check.
I mean, what about the...?

You can't leave now.
You've got to meet King Shaw.

He's the richest man in the North
and the South too.

Well, I might just stay long enough
to meet up with him.

King, my boy, I'm delighted
to see you. Delighted.

Meet Miss Emmy Lou Lee.
Mr. Shaw, Miss Lee.
Shaw, Mr. Lee. Sit down.

Hello, honey.