Broadway Melody of 1940

Boy, are you full of jokes!
- Hello.
- Hello, King. This is Clare again.

I just called back to say
I'm sorry about tonight.

That was a silly excuse I gave you
about having a headache...

... but we do have a tough day
tomorrow and...

Don't argue with me, King.
Just say I'm forgiven.

Well, at least say something.
I love you, Clare.
What a stupid guy!
Y'all sure been mighty sweet
to poor little lonesome Emmy Lou.

All alone up North,
not knowing nobody.

Why, it's a pleasure.
- Hi, Emmy Lou.
- Hello, honey.

I thought you didn't know anybody
up North.

Why, he's an old friend of mine
from the South, sugar.

Y'all know what it means down South
when a gentleman gives a lady a cape?

She gives it back again.
Lordy, no, sugar! It means
he's got to give her a ring.

Hello, honey. It sure is!
Why, I declare, sugar,
this place is full of Southerners.

- Southerners?
- Makes me feel so safe.

It's getting powerful warm here.
I mean, for the North.

I declare, you're the strangest man.
Just like I heard you was.

- Did you hear about me?
- Lordy, yes, sugar.