Go West

- Any of you boys got change for 10 cents?
- No, sir.

Well, keep the baggage.
Tickets for the West at this window!
One ticket for the West, end of line.
Yes, sir. That'll be $70, please.
There's your $70.
Don't bother counting it.
- There's only $60 here.
- I told you not to count it.

You need $10 more.
It's highway robbery.
No wonder you're behind bars.

I'll get that other $10.
Someday I'll be president of this railroad,
and when I am...

Hey, mister.
Is this the right way for my brother
to get on the train for the West?

Not unless they're throwing
a masquerade party out West, it isn't.

- All we wanna know is where's the train.
- The train? It's out on the tracks.

It seldom comes in here.