Go West

Well, keep the baggage.
Tickets for the West at this window!
One ticket for the West, end of line.
Yes, sir. That'll be $70, please.
There's your $70.
Don't bother counting it.
- There's only $60 here.
- I told you not to count it.

You need $10 more.
It's highway robbery.
No wonder you're behind bars.

I'll get that other $10.
Someday I'll be president of this railroad,
and when I am...

Hey, mister.
Is this the right way for my brother
to get on the train for the West?

Not unless they're throwing
a masquerade party out West, it isn't.

- All we wanna know is where's the train.
- The train? It's out on the tracks.

It seldom comes in here.
Come on, Rusty, I'll buy you a ticket.
Where's your $70?
You only got $10?
What did you do with the other $60?

You buy a snake?
I can't get you a ticket
if you ain't got enough money.

- You two gents are heading West, partner?
- Not me. Just my brother.

You see, I got no money.
So he's going West.

When he gets off the train,
he'll pick up some gold and send it to me.

They say the gold is laying
all over the streets.

All over the streets you find the gold.
The way he's dressed, he looks like
he was laying all over the streets.

Of course the gold is all over the streets,
but they won't let him take any.

He's a tenderfoot.
You wear those shoes,
you've got tender feet, too.

Those are shoes?
I thought that was fungus with buttons.

All right, suppose he's got tender feet.
You don't pick up gold with feet.