Go West

I've got a little granddaughter
who's gotta be taken care of...

- And I won't last forever.
- Where you going?

I'll get a job until I get a grubstake,
and then I'll try again somewhere.

How much is a grubstake?
I reckon about $10 would see me through.
- We give you the $10.
- No, I couldn't take it.

But we got lots of money.
Then I'll take it, but it's just a loan.
That's all right.
Come on, Rusty, give him the $10.

No strings attached.
- Here you are.
- You gotta take some security...

and I ain't got no security
except a deed to Dead Man's Gulch.

- No, we no take your land.
- I'd feel better if you took it.

I don't reckon it's worth $10, though.
A fellow named Turner sold it to me
about 40 years ago.

Got me for my last cent.
If you boys meet up with any Turner
in this territory, shoot first.

First we steal his gun, then we shoot.
And, boys, when you get to Birch City...
Iook in on my little granddaughter,
will you?

And tell her
her old granddad will be back soon.

We'll tell her.
Let's go back to work. Come on.
Indians? You're crazy.
There's no Indians around here.

You can't walk around like that.
What do you think of it, Mr. Turner?
Now, Grandpa, stop glaring at Terry.