Go West

First we steal his gun, then we shoot.
And, boys, when you get to Birch City...
Iook in on my little granddaughter,
will you?

And tell her
her old granddad will be back soon.

We'll tell her.
Let's go back to work. Come on.
Indians? You're crazy.
There's no Indians around here.

You can't walk around like that.
What do you think of it, Mr. Turner?
Now, Grandpa, stop glaring at Terry.
The Turners aren't as bad as you think.
Not all of them, anyway.
- Darling, you've been gone a million years.
- Just three weeks.

- You were a million miles away.
- Only 2,000. Just to New York.

This is wrong.
You're a Turner and I'm a Wilson.

You should hate me and I should hate you.
Say, that sounds convincing.
- You mean it?
- Of course.

This much.
Do you hate me?
Yes. This much.