Go West

The Turners aren't as bad as you think.
Not all of them, anyway.
- Darling, you've been gone a million years.
- Just three weeks.

- You were a million miles away.
- Only 2,000. Just to New York.

This is wrong.
You're a Turner and I'm a Wilson.

You should hate me and I should hate you.
Say, that sounds convincing.
- You mean it?
- Of course.

This much.
Do you hate me?
Yes. This much.
Hate me some more.
Terry, you really shouldn't be here.
If Grandpa ever sees you around...
Your grandpa won't be able to see
enough of me when he gets the $50,000.

- Fifty thousand what?
- Dollars, from the railroad company.

I sold them Dead Man's Gulch.
You sold Dead Man's...
I had a hunch,
and I followed it to New York.

I convinced the New York and Western...
a road through Dead Man's Gulch
would save them a fortune.

If that don't square things
between our families...

then your grandpa is a man
who just loves to hate.

But I love to hate.
I promise to hate, honor,
and obey you the rest of my life.

Eve, before I take you up on that...
I gotta fix it with your grandpa.
Where is he?

- Out in the desert, I guess.
- I've got to find him.