Go West

I intend to make you a liberal offer,
which I feel you'll instantly accept.

How much you gonna pay us for this land?
$500! We're gonna be rich!
Now, all I need is both your signatures.
On the bottom.
There you are. Thank you.
I'll give you $1,000.
- How dare you, you meddlesome fool!
- I heard that!

If you weren't so small,
I'd flog the daylights out of you.

- But I'm bigger than you.
- That's another reason.

You'll pay us double for this land
than the Railroad?

Yes, and it's a lucky thing for you
I got here in time.

Mr. Panello,
you don't know who he represents.

At least you know my offer is bona fide.
That's right.
How do we know your offer is bona fide?

- Are your hands clean?
- Sure.

Then here's my card.
"Bona Fide Oil Company.
S. Quentin Quale, Pres."

Look. His whole company is bona fide.
In all my long business experience,
I've dealt with every important oil firm...

- And I've never heard of your company.
- You haven't?

Evidently you don't read
the bankruptcy notices.

It works out fine.
We get your land, you get $1,000...

and our friend here
gets bounced by the Railroad...

for letting this oily deal
slip through his greasy fingers.

If you don't mind,
would you mind taking your feet down?

It's a good joke.
Wait till the Railroad hears about this.
It's more than your land is worth, really...
but I'll stretch a point. $1,500.
Oh, boy. Stop it.
For $1,500, I write good.
- $2,000.
- $3,000.

- $4,000.
- $5,000.

- He says $6,000. What do you say?
- I wash my hands of this whole deal!

Try this soap.
We're having a special on it today.

It's $1 a cake, or two cakes for 25 cents.
Where's my bag?