Go West

Please. The contract.
Now, gentlemen, please...
Give me my hat!
- What's the idea?
- Where is my hat?

- Where's my hat?
- Where is my hat? There it is.

Here's yours.
Gentlemen, I have a whole railroad
on my shoulders...

- And I'd like to get something done!
- I want my hat!

You have my hat, madam. Here's your hat.
Have you a fountain pen?
I've got to get a contract signed.

Do you mind if I take my hat?
I've never been on a trip like this before.
Where is it anyway? Who has my bustle?
- Sit in your own seat.
- Give me my bustle!

- Mr. Beecher, no hard feelings.
- Wait, Panello.

I'll admit you've got me
in hot water, but...

Why don't you let me get this signed?
- Where's my hat?
- Here.

Nobody can outshoot Two-Gun Quale.
Boys, sweep them out of the gutter.
- Why, there's nobody out there.
- Well, sweep out the gutter.

Say, all the beautiful stems in here
are not on the wine glasses.

Lulubelle, it's you.
I didn't recognize you standing up.

- Vamoose, you goose.
- Nice piece of poetry.

Say, if you wanna stay healthy,
I'd keep shy of Lulubelle.