Go West

Why don't you let me get this signed?
- Where's my hat?
- Here.

Nobody can outshoot Two-Gun Quale.
Boys, sweep them out of the gutter.
- Why, there's nobody out there.
- Well, sweep out the gutter.

Say, all the beautiful stems in here
are not on the wine glasses.

Lulubelle, it's you.
I didn't recognize you standing up.

- Vamoose, you goose.
- Nice piece of poetry.

Say, if you wanna stay healthy,
I'd keep shy of Lulubelle.

She's Red Baxter's girl.
Who's Red Baxter?
We'll settle this right now.

- Where's Red Baxter?
- Here.

- Where?
- Here!

You should've been home.
The pot of gold called.

Yes, they want their pot back.
- Why, you...
- Hold on, Red.

This is the gentleman who's selling us
the deed to the Wilson property.

No hard feelings, stranger.
Welcome to Crystal Palace.

Now then, Quale,
have you the deed with you?

I'll have the deed pronto,
whatever that means.

- That's fine. Bring it to Mr. Baxter's office.
- Yes.

Lulubelle, I want you to be good
to this little boy here.

- Come on, son.
- Bye, Daddy.

I'll sell Red the deed.
Then if you get your father's consent...

we'll get married,
if I can get my wife's consent.

Step aside, boys. This is love on the run.
- Yes. Let's have the deed.
- We ain't got it exactly.

I made them agree to $10,000,
and now you stall. Get the deed.

We'll get it if you lend us 10 cents.