Go West

How we laughed!
Foolish, foolish child.
It's madness,
this thing that's happened to us.

It can never be.
We come from different stock.

Suppose I brought you
to my country place...

at Drooling-on-the-Lapel?
What would my people say?
They'd phrase it more delicately.
Go! Let's break clean.
Rusty, now's your chance.
Nobody's looking. Get back the IOUs.

Why don't you let me go?
Let's keep this a perfect memory...
and someday this bitter ache shall pass,
my sweet.

Time wounds all heals.
There's a drunk sitting at the first table
who looks exactly like you.

And one who looks exactly like me.
Dull, isn't it?

He's so full of alcohol...
if you put a lighted wick in his mouth,
he'd burn for three days.

Here's the deed. Let's collect.
You got the bag for the money?