Go West

Why don't you let me go?
Let's keep this a perfect memory...
and someday this bitter ache shall pass,
my sweet.

Time wounds all heals.
There's a drunk sitting at the first table
who looks exactly like you.

And one who looks exactly like me.
Dull, isn't it?

He's so full of alcohol...
if you put a lighted wick in his mouth,
he'd burn for three days.

Here's the deed. Let's collect.
You got the bag for the money?

Fine. You wait here and I'll be right back.
It's our deed and our money.
Why should you go alone?

I give you my word as an embezzler
that I'll be back in two minutes.

Rusty, in two minutes,
Dan Wilson is gonna be rich.

Let's have some fun. Come on.
Rusty, I'm so happy
I'd like to play the piano.

You want I should play?
It's about time.
I thought you wasn't gonna ask me.

Mister, can I play the piano?
He said yes. All right.

Yeah, sure. Two minutes is all we got.