Go West

He has a deed to some property
the Railroad wants to buy...

- And we can't find him.
- Your grandpop ain't got the deed.

- You know who's got the deed?
- No.

Your grandpop.
- Is anything wrong?
- No.

- Is something wrong with Grandpa?
- No, everything is fine.

That's good.
He's been so wonderful to me.
Gone without things
just so I could have them.

Now he'll be able to have everything
he's always wanted and couldn't afford.

He'll be able to go places
he's read about and couldn't see.

It'll be wonderful for us, too.
Terry and me, I mean.

We can get married.
Just one little thing happens
and the whole world is different.

- There is something wrong, isn't there?
- The only thing wrong...

is that your grandfather's deed
is in Red Baxter's safe.

Red Baxter? My grandfather
wouldn't have anything to do with him.

- He knows he's a crook.
- We didn't.

You see, Miss Wilson, your grandfather
gave the deed to these boys.

Security for a loan.
And Red Baxter stole it from them.

Don't worry. You couldn't help it.
But if you see Grandpa,
don't mention it to him.

What almost happened, I mean.
You see, he's old.
What about this Terry?
We're young. Another miracle will happen.
You're right. Come on, miracle men.
We also double at weddings as best men.