Go West

Security for a loan.
And Red Baxter stole it from them.

Don't worry. You couldn't help it.
But if you see Grandpa,
don't mention it to him.

What almost happened, I mean.
You see, he's old.
What about this Terry?
We're young. Another miracle will happen.
You're right. Come on, miracle men.
We also double at weddings as best men.
Will you keep quiet?
We've gotta work fast.
Baxter might come back.

Don't be afraid. If any trouble starts,
we'll telephone for help.

Telephone? This is 1870.
Don Ameche hasn't invented
the telephone yet.

The safe's in there. Come on.
- There she is, gentlemen. Proceed.
- That's a boy.

- Come on, Mary Lou. We can relax in here.
- Okay.

Those dopes
are trying to crack open the safe.

Send for Baxter and the boys.
- Where are they?
- I don't know. Find them!

How will I find them?
I don't know where they are.

Wait a minute.
- Did you say something?
- I no say nothing.

If it's me, my voice is certainly changing.
Carry on.
You dope!
That will teach you. Never trust me again.
Listen, you bring back some drinks,
and I'll try to keep them here.