My Little Chickadee

She must be plumb tuckered out
after an experience like that.

If you don't mind,
I think I'll go up to my room.

- Just one question, Flower Belle.
How did you manage to get back to town
all by yourself?

Them hills is a long ways off.
He brought me to the edge of town,
after it got good and dark.

Where'd he keep you all that time?
I see you got my things off the stagecoach.
Come up, Aunt Lou. I want to show you
the pictures I had took at Big Bluff.

- Bring up the baggage, Zeb.
- Sure thing.

Good night, and thanks for looking for me.
These are right pretty pictures of you,
Flower Belle.

I like them. They look just like me.
- Gold.
Did the bandit give it to you?

Yeah, I figured it's only fair
for the inconvenience I went through.

It's you.
I didn't expect you so soon.
- I had to come.
- I could not stay away.
The whole town's been looking for you.
Anyone see you?

- No, my pretty one.
- The Masked Bandit move
like the shadow of the night.

That is beautiful.
When am I going to see your face?
- You must be patient with me.