My Little Chickadee

Yeah, I figured it's only fair
for the inconvenience I went through.

It's you.
I didn't expect you so soon.
- I had to come.
- I could not stay away.
The whole town's been looking for you.
Anyone see you?

- No, my pretty one.
- The Masked Bandit move
like the shadow of the night.

That is beautiful.
When am I going to see your face?
- You must be patient with me.
When am I going to see what I'm kissing?
- Some day you will see.
- I will take off this mask
and never put it on again.

- I recognised his horse...
and then I saw their shadow on her window.
There they were, locked in each other's arms.
She and that bandit.
And then he came out, mask and all,
and rode away.

- lf you ask me, she's shielding him.
- Well, nobody's asking you...

so close your gopher trap...