My Little Chickadee

When am I going to see what I'm kissing?
- Some day you will see.
- I will take off this mask
and never put it on again.

- I recognised his horse...
and then I saw their shadow on her window.
There they were, locked in each other's arms.
She and that bandit.
And then he came out, mask and all,
and rode away.

- lf you ask me, she's shielding him.
- Well, nobody's asking you...

so close your gopher trap...
you old snapping turtle!
Silence. Young man, sit down and be quiet.
Are we to conclude that you deliberately
refuse to tell us the true facts in this case?

I said all I'm gonna say, and that's nothing.
It's the opinion of this court,
and the good, law-abiding citizens...

that you constitute
a menace to this community...

and we hereby order you to leave town.
And not to return till you can prove
that you're respectable and married.

All right, if that's how you feel,
the feeling is mutual.

I wash my hands of you, too.
Young lady, are you trying to show contempt
for this court?

No, I'm doing my best to hide it.
We've already sent word by pony express
to Greasewood City...

that Flower Belle is on her way.
The Ladies Vigilante Committee
will cooperate with you there.

Goodbye, honey.
Take care of yourself and be a good girl.

I'll be as good as I can, Uncle John.