Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Oh, darling.
I love you so much.
-Please don't send me away.

Yes, Father?
It's a good thing I was worried about your
behavior tonight. I couldn't sleep myself.

Sir Charles, I know it's strange to find
Beatrix here but I want you to believe that--

All I can believe is that your ideas
are not normal, Jekyll, not fit--

Sir Charles, I asked Beatrix
to come here tonight because--

No, Harry.
Father, I know my being here is difficult
to understand, but I'm not ashamed.

Then, my dear, I shall be for you,
because I do understand.

We leave for the Continent
tomorrow on the boat train.

Father, please.
Oh, come, Sir Charles. After all,
you could eliminate all this difficulty...

...if you'd set an early date
for our marriage.

You don't understand. We're very much
in love. We wanna be together.

-We don't wanna wait any longer.
-Please, Father.

In view of what's happened,
the engagement should be broken off.

However, I'll be lenient. We shall see you
on our return. Come, my dear.

Father, I've never
disobeyed you in my life.

But, Harry,
if you don't want me to leave...

... I'll refuse.
-I mean it, Father.

I don't want you to go, Bea...
...and I can't agree with your
father's decision, but I know...

...he's thinking of your happiness. I can't
argue against that and I can't ask you to.

That's highly commendable, Harry.
Will you see us off at the train?
Better have two engines.
I might try to hold it back.

Try. Try anyway.