I came over here to give them
a chance to ransack my place.

Don't be a fool. Take me into
your confidence. You need a partner.

Excuse me,
I'll be getting back.

-Good morning.
-Ferrari is the fat gent at the table.

You won't find a treasure
like this in all Morocco.

Only 700 francs.
You're being cheated.
It doesn't matter, thank you.
For friends of Rick's
we have a small discount.

Did I say 700 francs?
You can have it for 200.

I'm sorry I was in no condition
to receive you last night.

It doesn't matter.
Special friends of Rick's
get a special discount.

One hundred francs.
Your story had me confused,
or maybe it was the bourbon.

I have some tablecloths--
-I'm really not interested.
-Please, one minute.

Did you come back to tell me
why you ran out on me at the station?

You can tell me now.
I'm reasonably sober.

I don't think I will.
Why not? I got stuck with the
railway ticket. I'm entitled to know.

Last night I saw
what has happened to you.

The Rick I knew in Paris,
I could tell him. He'd understand.

But the one who looked at me
with such hatred. . . .

I'll be leaving soon and
we'll never see each other again.

We knew very little about each other
when we were in love in Paris.

If we leave it that way, maybe we'll
remember those days, and not Casablanca.

Not last night.
Did you run out on me because
you knew what it'd be like?

Hiding from the police,
running away all the time?

Believe that if you want to.
I'm not running away anymore.
I'm settled now.

Above a saloon, it's true, but. . . .
Walk up a flight.
I'll be expecting you.

All the same,
someday you'll lie to Laszlo.

You'll be there.
No, Rick.