No. You see,
Victor Laszlo is my husband.

And was, even when
I knew you in Paris.

I was just telling Laszlo that,
unfortunately, I'm not able to help him.

The word has gone around.
As leader of all illegal activities,
I'm an influential and respected man.

But it'd not be worth my life
to do anything for Laszlo.

You, however, are a different matter.
Señor Ferrari thinks it might just be
possible to get an exit visa for you.

-You mean for me to go on alone?
-And only alone.

I'll stay and keep trying.
I'm sure in a little while--

Might as well be frank.
It'd take a miracle to get you out.
The Germans have outlawed miracles.

We're only interested in two visas.
-Please, llsa, don't be hasty.
-No, Victor.

You two will want to discuss this.
Excuse me.
I'll be at the bar.

No, I won't let you stay here.
You must get to America.
Somehow I'll get out and join you.

If the situation were different. . .
. . .if I had to stay and there was
only one visa. . .

. . .would you take it?
Yes, I would.
Yes, I see.
When I had trouble
getting out of Lille. . .

. . .why didn't you leave me?
When I was sick in Marseilles
for two weeks and you were in danger. . .

. . .why didn't you leave me?
I meant to.
Something always held me up.

I love you very much.
Your secret will be safe with me.
Ferrari is waiting for our answer.
Not more than 50 francs.
We've decided, Señor Ferrari.
For the present we're looking
for two visas. Thank you very much.

Good luck, but be careful.
-You know you're being shadowed?
-It becomes instinct.

I observe that you, in one respect,
are very fortunate.

I'll make one suggestion.
Why, I do not know.