I Married a Witch

Long, long time ago, when people
still believed in witches...

And that follow this way all the witches,
wizards and sorcerers...

...that practise their evil magic
inside the limits of Rocksford.

The book of exorcism
Be condemned for ever to
the eternal flames...

...so that you could never again
come near Rocksford

And now, while we prepare ourselves for
executing this witch's father...

...that old sorcerer
that tried to help her...

...we'll do a little break.
Popcorn! Popcorn!
Two cents a cornet!

Fried with butter!
It's hot and newly done!

It has an antidote against
witches! Two cents, please

Fried corn with butter,
it's newly done!

Do you want corn, master Wooley?
- What's the matter, Jonathan?
- What?

Do you doubt if she is a witch?
I wouldn't have accused her
if I hadn't be sure

- And her father?
- A wizard, there's no doubt

Mother, if you had seen
what I saw...

The caws turned yellow, then
blue and the sheep danced the minuet.

- But you didn't see Jennifer
- Jennifer?

She told me her name while
she chased me in the straw loft

She was young and wonderfully beautiful,
the more beautiful woman I've ever seen

- Have you told that to the judges?
- I couldn't describe her beauty

What happened in the loft, Jonathan?
He bring her golden hair near
my face and whispered:

"... "Jonathan Wooley, you have accused me"
of being a witch, be damned for that...