I Married a Witch

Do you want corn, master Wooley?
- What's the matter, Jonathan?
- What?

Do you doubt if she is a witch?
I wouldn't have accused her
if I hadn't be sure

- And her father?
- A wizard, there's no doubt

Mother, if you had seen
what I saw...

The caws turned yellow, then
blue and the sheep danced the minuet.

- But you didn't see Jennifer
- Jennifer?

She told me her name while
she chased me in the straw loft

She was young and wonderfully beautiful,
the more beautiful woman I've ever seen

- Have you told that to the judges?
- I couldn't describe her beauty

What happened in the loft, Jonathan?
He bring her golden hair near
my face and whispered:

"... "Jonathan Wooley, you have accused me"
of being a witch, be damned for that...

...you and your sons and the sons of your
sons will be under a curse

What curse?
Me and all my descendants
will be unfortunate in love...

...all our marriages will be

- Until What?

- I can't say it, it's terrible
- What are you talking about?

You're in love with Purity,
you are even engaged to her

- Yes, mother
- Purity is not an ordinary girl

Yes, mother, yes. It's true
Jonathan, what happen? Why have
you left me alone?

- What's the matter with him, Mrs Wooley?
- Jonathan is always dreaming

What he needs is discipline
Jonathan, you should pay me
more attention. From now on...

The oak. They'll plant it
over the ashes

- What for?
- This way the evil spirits...

...will be trapped between
its roots for ever