I Married a Witch

...you and your sons and the sons of your
sons will be under a curse

What curse?
Me and all my descendants
will be unfortunate in love...

...all our marriages will be

- Until What?

- I can't say it, it's terrible
- What are you talking about?

You're in love with Purity,
you are even engaged to her

- Yes, mother
- Purity is not an ordinary girl

Yes, mother, yes. It's true
Jonathan, what happen? Why have
you left me alone?

- What's the matter with him, Mrs Wooley?
- Jonathan is always dreaming

What he needs is discipline
Jonathan, you should pay me
more attention. From now on...

The oak. They'll plant it
over the ashes

- What for?
- This way the evil spirits...

...will be trapped between
its roots for ever

Would to God!
And this is the tree that
they planted over the ashes...

...the spirits remained trapped
between their roots for ever

Martha, It's an honour to...
- are you proposing me marriage?
- Yes, Martha

Oh, Nathaniel!
What was that?
Fort Sutter has been attacked,
the war is declared!

Fort Sutter has been attacked,
the war is declared!

Nancy, Nancy, calm down
Wait, Samuel Wooley, I just want to
throw at you this vase

Have you heard it, Jaguer?
- Where is the recruitment office?
- He is going to the war like a coward!