I Married a Witch

- You won't do it
- You'll see

- are you okay?
- My love, I must tell you something

- My God! I thought He was dead
- Yes, he was

What a way of taking advantage
of your father's death...

...a terrible curse will fall
over you, I'll convert you in a frog...

"... "Frog, little frog, that"
"are in a log... "

I don't know how it follows, wait
until I am sober, you regret it


- What Did you need the police for?
- He has fallen trough the window

- Who? Wally?
- No, not Wally, the other one

- Leave me alone, damned policemen
- Calm down, grandfather

I'll bewitch you, from now on
you'll be a rat:

"... "Rat, rat bigger than a"
"cat"... How does it follow?"

- I'm a rat, am I not? Go on
- Very Well

If I could remember the words
I'd convert you in kangaroos

- they are taking him away
- you deserve It too

- But you won't let them do it
- Please, don't you start again

I thought my father would be good,
I wouldn't let anybody harm you

Of course not
Really, last night I was your
enemy, but now I've changed...

...I love you, I'll love you forever
if I could die for you, I'd do it

I just want you to be a good girl
- Everything is ready
- Goodbye

- Where do you go?
- I told you before

I thought that after
all I've made for you...

I am very grateful,
but excuse me, I'm going to get married